Reverd project

Development of the back-end part of the Canadian project, which allows blocking spam calls. The application works both with traditional communication and with IP telephony. The plans are to introduce this service for public services in Canada.

M2 project

A web application for automating processes associated with the full cycle of maintenance and repair of equipment of medium and large industrial enterprises, factories, assembly shops, etc. All processes associated with the technical work on machines and mechanisms (maintenance, unscheduled repairs) are fully automated. Using desktop and mobile versions depending on the role of the user. Assignment and redirection of operations, exchange of media files in the system for remote repair management.

Electronic trading platform

Electronic trading platform. Making deals between banks and companies using blockchain technology.

Web application for an insurance company

Application for quick filing of an application with the insurance company. The application uses customer identification data such as: personal insurance number, bank account, contact information, statuses for various applications, etc., for a quick response and compensation for the damage caused.

TV company "MIR"

One of the largest television channels in the CIS countries with round-the-clock television and Internet broadcasting in more than 15 countries of the world. Development of site functionality, implementation of new solutions. The project is ongoing.

ERP Logistics solution for manufacturing spareparts

Automation system for the production and supply of spare parts for cars of the German concern.

A Platform for translators LexLing

A popular platform for translators in France and the world. From the last was integrated payment system MangoPay.

Multi-functional System Of Psychological Testing

The Developed Product – The user’s personal account, allowing a transcript passed diagnostics, analyzes the patient’s brain’s activity, giving a complete transcript of held diagnostics, the recording and an online consultation with the specialists through the app.

Online store designer cases for mobile phones

Online store in which you create your own design of phone cases for the order

"Burda fashion" project

One of the largest fashion magazines. Development of website components from scratch, front-end and back-end part, improvement of the current functionality.